The Group SANZA SOLUTIONS It is composed by a team of professionals of the law and economics that aims to give a new air both in the treatment of customer and our professions.

As entrepreneurs we are, We are committed by the Start Up and for anyone with initiative and understand our work as a complete service to the customer, so that it covers all your needs. We give the confidence and the necessary service to treat since most personally - with appropriate - to the simplest professionals, always with individualized and personalized follow-up.

We define as Social-Lawyer, Figure unknown in Spain, as our most characteristic trait is close and social customer treatment, at any time and who we listen carefully, either in person, telephone or telematic, to get to know the detail of the problem or the need to come to us, and so derive it professional from our team that is best suited to find the solution and minimize the damage.

The Sanza group is made up of several branches (Sanza companies, Labour Sanza, Sanza advice) and among our professionals, a group of mediators is, What makes us to deal with all matters in which we work in a different way.

No hurry, with total dedication and attention, and with much professionalism, Once targeted the problem, We focus on the areas that should be covered and studied them in depth, without race time or effort, working side by side with the client.

We never give up faced with difficulties. All our clients are unique and we thus treat them.


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