Mediation is a via or flexible conflict resolution process, voluntary and confidential; in which a third person, the mediator, whose activity is neutral and not advice, facilitates communication and dialogue between the parties to the conflict.

What is intended by mediation are to be the same parts if, without the intervention of others (judges, lawyers, etc) and actively arriving at a satisfactory agreement for both.

If they do not reach that agreement, It is legal but the result always has a beneficial effect, by the approach and by listening to both sides. It is a flexible process in which can talk about issues that are not the, theoretically, subject of dispute.

It is voluntary, at any time you can either, leave session. Is chaired by the good faith and by the confidential nature. Fundamental principles that are reflected once the session begins, in the report which is signed.

The agreement can be approved judicially or by a notary, taking all the legal effects.

It is a process fast, economic and always satisfactory.

Sanza performs the following mediations with its team of professionals :


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