School mediation

School mediation


If a mediation is truly important and culturally vital for a country, is the school mediation.

Sanza has prepared courses to start mediation to children between 5 to 9 years.

We believe in the mediation and as children are our future, we need to prepare them for that conflicts with other colleagues, can solve them if same, speaking, to be heard… We prepare students in a literacy by age to make it another course companion that practising mediator in conflicts that arise and try these peers who fight , to listen, to be able to hand.

Sanza wants to help mediate in all those school conflicts so that they don't end up with a rejection that different child, and resulting not hoarse, acososo, bulling.. etc. Aside from lack of school performance...

School mediation is preventive, school peace and, Therefore, society.

Sanza offers a program of cooperation in this regard with schools, both externally and in own schools.



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