Labor mediation

The society in which we live is a company currently twitched at the economic situation and the difficulties posed to reconcile family life and work.

It is not easy to keep job; sometimes, We have to accept or carry out, not dear changes, reductions of day, mobility and salary changes.

These problems can be solved with the mediation; as this provided their own labor law in its last reform.

It is the most fast and economical for both the employer and worker.

Must be borne in mind that many cases, These conflicts, they entail the return of the worker to work center, so it is not easy if the confrontation has been in the courts.

With the mediation will be a dialogue and a real rapprochement between the parties.

Labor mediation sessions are different in their approach to the rest and are carried out with the intervention, If you want to, lawyers of the parties to the conflict.

Sanza offers you a group of professionals - mediators, specialists in this field.



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