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SANZA solutions is a pioneer in Spain in the management of visas and residence permits provided for in the Law of entrepreneurs 14/2013, It facilitates the entry, residence and stay in Spanish territory of foreigners for reasons of economic interest, giving priority to investment and talent. It has established a very agile and quick procedure, with a single residence and work authorization valid for the entire national territory.

SANZA residence we collect and prepare all the necessary documentation, that is complex and, Therefore, It should be checked and appear in the appropriate way. We have sufficient experience in dealing both consulates and large business unit, What are the bodies responsible for resolving these procedures, to get a favorable resolution.

Ha llegado un nuevo visado, el conocido como el visado nómada digitales, algo muy esperado en España para el trabajador en remoto dado que ofrecemos unas condiciones perfectas de vida, sin limitación de los tres meses del visado de turista.

Pretende potenciar el recuperar y traer nuevo talento internacional a nuestro país.

Se trata de un permiso de residencia de tres años, prorrogables por dos más que te permite incluir a tu cónyuge e hijos dentro de la solicitud.

Es una residencia que se puede solicitar directamente desde España, con el visado de turista o desde el país de origen.

Es aplicable tanto el trabajador por cuenta ajea como el trabajador por cuenta propia, teniendo en cuenta una serie de requisitos.

La resolución se da en 20 días y el silencio administrativo se considera positivo.


SANZA has the necessary infrastructure not only for the location of the buildings which meet the requirements but, If the client demands it, We carry out the complete organization of all aspects, from booking accommodation and other services until the total end of the process, which include negotiations concerning the purchase of the property as well as, If it were your interest, the administration of the property and the lease of the same.

Location of properties:

Once they have made us the custom, We ask the customer details of the property you want to; we locate those properties that fit your demand, and via telematics we are in contact to make the final selection will then visit.

In this aspect, We have specialist collaborators who have a portfolio of strategic properties, Relevant , Apart from published offers, both in relation to residential properties, as industrial and business (Local, Hotels, etc)

Qualified professionals

Sanza solutions, coordinates investment in talent through qualified professionals who want to work in Spain. Services:

  • Preparation of labor and business documentation.
  • Coordination with the Large Companies Unit
  • Agile and fast process: the professional can come to Spain and start working.

Other services:

The same, We make those interested reservations in restaurants in the areas you want to visit... and we offer chauffeur and translator service. To make you feel like "home".

Once determined the date of visit, reserve, According to the characteristics of the client, at the Hotel in the area that interests you or you prefer, previous remission telematics of hotels and prices.

Purchase of property:

  • Opening bank account; We accompany the customer to the Bank that has been previously determined.
  • Request N.I.E.
  • Contract arras or signal.
  • Comprehensive legal advice: consultations and advice in all areas relating to sale of real estate. This includes preparation of the documentation relating to the purchase and sale, derived from the same management (notary's office, public administrations...) and change in supply companies (light, gas...)
  • Any other formality necessary for the good end of the operation: assistance to any unforeseen circumstance for the sale.

Administration of property:

We manage and administer any property in all its aspects, rent, taxation, reform...

Sanza residence and Sanza company come together here to carry out a comprehensive advice to foreigners that develop a business in Spain project so that it can be considered and accredited general interest. This project must meet a series of conditions (jobs creation, carrying out investment...). In this aspect Sanza reviews and prepares all documentation, specifically the Business Plan of the company's business in order to present it to the competent body to resolve.

SANZA residence we manage both the visa and the residence authorisation of those foreigners who make an investment in Spanish territory in debt, stocks or shares and bank deposits.

  • Public debt: 2.000.000 euros in Spanish public debt securities.
  • Actions: 1.000.000 euros in shares or participation certificates of Spanish companies.
  • Deposits: 1.000.000 euros in bank deposits in Spanish banks

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