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Sanza advice is formed by a group of legal professionals (Lawyers and solicitors) the economy and administrative staff.

We have different areas of action:

Family law, Civil law, Administrative law, Aliens

In family law, We always try mediation (refers to mediation) as the first way to resolve the conflict.

We can not prosecute a family the first Exchange conflict. Our family is the engine and we must ensure that you people who are separated or divorced, not do so from the rest of the family. I get to see these situations, Despite the difficulties involved,  as a change of life and another way to grow, not as a failure.

In this line we operate as a first rule of action. Starting from there, If our customers are not the solution, We handle them the corresponding judicial procedures such as separation, Divorce, Modification of measures... and all the derivatives of the above, as executions, claims of debts arising from the same.

In Sanza we have large civil and offer to our customers, individuals and companies, a complete service.

From a rental to a contract of sale contract, before the formalities necessary to its realization as it is access to property records and commercial.

Those themes hereditary also are ones Affairs in which first try itmediation to correct the. We are again playing to the family and we must try not to break it, and mediation is the best way to resolve economic disputes of wills that always carry rigged quarrels caused by feelings that have to go out, in order to achieve economic agreements.

We regularly collaborate with a notary, so this area we have covered by great professionals and connoisseurs of the same.

We present before the courts claims amount from a small claims procedure up to a regular process, going through all kinds of executions, mortgage, titles not judicial and foreign exchange. In Sanza advisors, It has taken many years banks and companies of name for what these procedures have a great experience.

Administrative law permeates all aspects of our life, from a grant to a fine traffic, at all times, you have to know how to channel performance that is appropriate for the best solution of the matter in the best way. On the other hand, the variety of administrations (State, Autonomic, local, corporate) and procedures makes administrative issues are intractable without the help of a few qualified professionals, as those who integrate the team of SANZA.

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