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In SANZA company we have always bet, from the outset, by entrepreneurs. We ourselves are a group of entrepreneurs.

We understand that it is time to invest in new ideas and strive to make them. For this reason, We listen to the customer, We study your idea and work to shape. To achieve this we offer you a professional and qualified service that encompasses all aspects and needs of any project, whether as a self-employed worker or company, from the beginning both (creation, Constitution, recruitment, lease, etc.) as throughout the development of their activity, a serving of INTEGRAL consulting company that includes all of your legal needs, tax, employment and accounting.

Developing these aspects you can see detailed offer:

SANZA has the status of S.E.A.. (Point of care entrepreneur) declared by the Ministry of industry, Energy and tourism.

paeThis condition allows us to create your company (company or self-employed) in a minimum time (24/48 hours) no unnecessary travel for those interested.

If you have an idea and we know how to carry it out, get in touch with SANZA company, We will meet with you and we will show you the forms and possibilities that accounts. We create not only your company, but it can help you decide on everything that you need, studying any kind of aid and subsidies .

SANZA enterprises offers a comprehensive service that covers all the needs that a company can have since its inception , studying from the lease or purchase of the premises where you are going to develop your activity until the necessary licenses. Once constituted, we manage all administrative matters, commercial, labour, tax and accounting


  • Review of civil and commercial contracts of the company.
  • Preparation and review of notarial and bank documents from the activity of the company.
  • Realization and presentation of books.
  • Amendments of the statutes.
  • Increase or reduction of capital.


  • Contracts of employment. Preparation and registration.
  • Monthly preparation of payroll.
  • Preparation and telematic presentation of contribution documents.
  • Affiliation, high, modifications of data via telematics and low.
  • Parts of work accidents.
  • Settlements and settlement.
  • Company certificates.
  • Withholding certificates.
  • Situations temporary disability management.
  • Apart from having a Labor Advisory that can cover the problems of this nature that arise in your Company or business.


  • Preparation and submission of taxes (VAT, Withholding income tax, Corporation tax)
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns.
  • Administrative resources.


  • Elaboration of accounting.
  • Realization and presentation of the accounting books.
  • Preparation and presentation of the annual accounts.

Your company is in trouble with your customers or suppliers, with the Administration, with the IRS or the Social security that you don't know how to solve. SANZA companies puts at your disposal a team of lawyers to initiate or defend against any claim.

On the other hand , being a group of lawyers, We cover all legal claim you.

Customers or suppliers:

Amount of claims.

Debts and defaults.

Defective products.


Administrative procedures.

Licensing records.

Agencia Tributaria:

Postponements and subdivisions.

Rainy day procedures.

Fundraising Executive.

Social Security:

Accidents at work.

Claims for fees.

We have special prices for companies that are planned in the personal issues that arise (family, civil)

All presided over by our way of prior solution which is the mediation because we understand that it is always the first to try in any conflict for speed and economy.

The SANZA SOLUTIONS group, is a leader in the creation and management of foreign-owned companies. We have investors from all over the world ( India, China, Chile, United Arab Emirates, etc)


  • Company Creation without Investor Displacement.
  • Coordination and direct contacts with Spanish diplomatic representations in the investor's country.
  • Implementation of the business process in all its aspects (economic, fiscal, juridical, etc).
  • Management of the Company once incorporated.


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