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Sanza labour there is a group of professionals with extensive experience in the exercise of this branch of the law and an extensive practice in the courts of the Social.

Both the small businessman and worker receive a personal and thorough treatment.

We are aware that the labour disputes (dismissals, sanctions, Changes of conditions...), they carry huge personal problems and give rise, in many cases, the lack of self-esteem, depression and family conflicts.

For all these reasons, Sanza is intended to not only provide legal solutions to the worker or employer but that to achieve them, we feel that it is necessary to provide personal support and special care, without haste and attention.

We propose to sow the mediation as a first means of settlement of the labour dispute, For its speed and economy and / or negotiation before judicializing the conflict more and if not... we defend with all our desire and strength your interests in the Court.

The same, We handle the Affairs of Social Security in a totally personalized way, as this matter does not can be treated but through an individual and thorough study of the circumstances of each person. Our results in this discipline have always been very satisfactory.

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