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Mediation is a via or flexible conflict resolution process, voluntary and confidential; in which a third person, the mediator, whose activity is neutral and not advice, facilitates communication and dialogue between the parties to the conflict.

What is intended by mediation are to be the same parts if, without the intervention of others (judges, lawyers, etc) and actively arriving at a satisfactory agreement for both.

If they do not reach that agreement, It is legal but the result always has a beneficial effect, by the approach and by listening to both sides. It is a flexible process in which can talk about issues that are not the, theoretically, subject of dispute.

It is voluntary, at any time you can either, leave session. Is chaired by the good faith and by the confidential nature. Fundamental principles that are reflected once the session begins, in the report which is signed.

The agreement can be approved judicially or by a notary, taking all the legal effects.

It is a process fast, economic and always satisfactory.

Sanza performs the following mediations with its team of professionals :

The society in which we live is a company currently twitched at the economic situation and the difficulties posed to reconcile family life and work.

It is not easy to keep job; sometimes, We have to accept or carry out, not dear changes, reductions of day, mobility and salary changes.

These problems can be solved with the mediation; as this provided their own labor law in its last reform.

It is the most fast and economical for both the employer and worker.

Must be borne in mind that many cases, These conflicts, they entail the return of the worker to work center, so it is not easy if the confrontation has been in the courts.

With the mediation will be a dialogue and a real rapprochement between the parties.

Labor mediation sessions are different in their approach to the rest and are carried out with the intervention, If you want to, lawyers of the parties to the conflict.

Sanza offers you a group of professionals - mediators, specialists in this field.

As we all know the rate of separations and divorces is very high. It should be shared both goods as the children and the time to devote.

The custody and as a result of these, the family home, they are the largest controversy between couples who are in the process of separation. Being used to the minor to do damage to the other parent, This being that it needs to protect and isolate from the conflict

Mediation is the way, to solve the family future. With the mediation, It is the couple that goes to decide or to organize his future life and their children in a voluntary and personal way; will not be a third party (the judge) with influence greater than or less than the lawyers involved.

With the mediation we continue to be the protagonists of our lives and our future. It is not aggressive, facilitates communication, that is lost with the divorce and facilitates the reunion with children.

It is fast and economical.

Sanza offers you a family mediation service, with some great professionals and, by the characteristics of the material, they were gently and "mimo" any issue arising therein.

Coexistence is really complicated and a clear example of this are the communities of neighbors.

Discussed by all, Since the neighbor upstairs has not greeted me, that makes lots of noise, or that Barking Dog the sixth neighbour... etc.

These problems happen every day and Sanza proposes mediation as the way most appropriate to help solve them, It's not the dispute rather than this regulated and enforced, by law.

Facilitates the coexistence and avoids long litigation inncesarios many times and expensive.

Everyone knows that in recent years, Spain has been the destination of a large percentage of people speaking countries from Hispanic and Arab, mainly.

We live in a global society, intercultural and this gives rise to cultural conflicts.

The immigrant is found with situations complicated since his arrival, accommodation as well as difficulties family of schooling and a long etcetera.

Intercultural mediation is a social mediation, is a mediation, it easy to approach and therefore the communication between people from different cultures, encouraging social and community participation of these immigrants to work in the school...

Sanza works this mediation with a special treatment to have customers in many countries.

If a mediation is truly important and culturally vital for a country, is the school mediation.

Sanza has prepared courses to start mediation to children between 5 to 9 years.

We believe in the mediation and as children are our future, we need to prepare them for that conflicts with other colleagues, can solve them if same, speaking, listening... We prepare students in basic knowledge by age so that it is another classmate who acts as a mediator in conflicts that arise and tries to make these classmates who fight , to listen, to be able to hand.

Sanza wants to help mediate in all those school conflicts so that they don't end up with a rejection that different child, and resulting not hoarse, acososo, bulling.. etc. Aside from lack of school performance...

School mediation is preventive, school peace and, Therefore, society.

Sanza offers a program of cooperation in this regard with schools, both externally and in own schools.

In this section, We would like to emphasize the problem of inheritance that we could include them in family mediation.

Inheritance is a very delicate subject. Behind the economic issue there is always something more , other reasons, quarrels, jealousy and etc.

They are conflicts that we are not supporters to court because we believe that it is mediation is the right way to solve them.. We are working with feelings and have to come to light because they are the ones often give rise to reach agreements.

The courts distance families and can break them definitely.

Our family mediators are responsible for providing the path to agreement.

Sanza proposes mediation for any amount or make claim.

Why not we go to be able to reach agreements that satisfy us without trial?

Reach an agreement with an Exchange... your I owe money but leave me your summer house a week.. Why not?

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